Anthony Godwin (left) and NC Sweet Potato Expert, Dr. Henry Covington (right).



North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission President, David Godwin, with Executive Director, Sue Langdon.



Owner, David Godwin, pictured in the local paper with Rep. Bob Etheridge after testifying at a U.S. House of Representatives Agriculture Committee meeting.



Two of David's many nieces and nephews coming to visit the warehouse.



Godwin Produce employees assembling truckloads of boxed sweet potatoes to donate to the local food bank.



David has been on the Board of Directors for the North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Research Board for numerous years.



Owners, David and Barbara, are among the founders of the Covington Endowment for Sweet Potato Research & Extension at their alma mater, North Carolina State University.



Godwin Produce proudly sponsors a baseball team for the Dunn Parks and Recreation Department.  The "Sweet-Taters" are coached by our warehouse manager, Greg Tart.


yield achievement

Dr. Henry Covington was very much responsible for the incredible growth and success of the early sweetpotato industry in North Carolina. The average yield per acre of sweet potatoes in North Carolina increased from 60 cwt/A in 1948 to 135 cwt/A in 1965 while the national average went from 52 cwt/A to 91 cwt/A in that time frame. Henry’s extension programming and on-farm trials were largely responsible for this phenomenal increase in productivity by North Carolina growers. Henry motivated North Carolina sweetpotato growers to further improve their production practices by establishing a “300 Bushel Sweetpotato Club” in 1959. The first year resulted in 22 growers achieving this goal. He sought and found sponsors to furnish awards to these top producers. By 1962 the sights were raised to a “400 Bushel Sweetpotato Club” which resulted in 12 growers achieving that level. In 1966 a grower achieved a remarkable yield of 794 bushels of marketable sweet potatoes per acre and Henry quickly initiated a “700 Bushel Sweetpotato Club”.  That company was Godwin Produce!  And in fact, Anthony and George Godwin, representing Godwin Produce, were the only people to ever receive this distinction twice when they received the award again in 1970.